ASUS K501UX, Slim, Sleek, and Splendid Design and Performance

Laptop PC is now considered to be a common and massive use with the wide range of computing needs to be covered, from home basic needs, office tasks, and entertainment purposes. One of common need is gaming. Most recent games is requiring a computer with a really good performance. No wonder, several computer brands is competing each other to produce a product that is reliable for gaming. One of those products is ASUS K501UX which is ASUS latest entry-level gaming laptop and it has a sleek design.

This ASUS K501UX is powered by 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 processors which is in Turbo boost it is up to 3.1 GHz. The processor is combined with the 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage that is faster than traditional hard drives. The Graphics Processing Unit is powered by NVidia GeForce GTX 950M 2GB DDR3 graphics card and the 15.6 inch matte FHD display. This ASUS laptop is a fair competitor for Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK in terms of entry level gaming laptop.

The sleek design that is constantly maintained by ASUS with its dark blue brushed aluminum cover makes this laptop has an impressive looks and feel of premium laptops. It is a thin and light laptop that measures 0.9 by 15.0 by 10.0 inches dimension and weighed 4.4 pounds. This is a plus for you if you prefer portability.

The Processing Unit

This ASUS K501UX is powered by a Skylake (6th generation) 2.5GHz Intel Core i7-6500U processor, while the Turbo boost is up to 3.1 GHz. This processor gives you the performance to tackle a heavy task and gaming, along with the 8GB RAM, and Nvidia GTX950M graphics card with 2GB DDR3 RAMfor the graphics card. Intel Core i7-6500U, a dual core processor that is expected to give you a stable performance. ASUS K501UX has CPU Mark points of ~4300 points (While most laptops has 3000 points average). It is somewhat a remarkable points for notebook. This combination of components allows you to run latest image processing application like CorelDraw, Photoshop, etc. with a guarantee that this laptop and its system is able to handle it. This laptop has decent performance of Skylake Intel Core i7 processor, separated graphics card, and awesome design and portability.


This ASUS K501UX allows you to make a nice presentation, enjoy HD videos and movies, and play games smoothly. Thanks to the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M GPU and Direct X 11. The graphics card allows you to tweak it for improving quality or having battery efficiency by the features of NVIDIA Optimus Technology. It allows you to choose the best options between graphics performance and battery life. In addition, this ASUS laptop employs ASUS Splendid Technology that optimizes display of its panels with four preset modes for your preferred display.

Graphics On the ASUS K501UX graphics are handled by GeForce GTX950M using 2GB dedicated GDDR3 memory, which is again inferior to the NV GTX 960M with 4GB GDDR5 memory we’ve seen in the NV GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5. Still, you are able to play most titles at high settings (1080p) with a promise of up to 30 frames per second (fps). We tested the unit with Grand Theft Auto 5 and received 30fps, which is way below what we got on the less-RAM-taxing Counter Strike, whereby we hit the +60FPS mark. Thankfully, the non-touch 15.6-inch matte TN-finish display supports Full HD (1920 by 1080) resolution, making it ideal for professional image and video editors. Still on display, the Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK has all the bells and whistles you’d expect, graced by a 15.6 inch IPS display (superior to TN panels in terms of colors and viewing angles) which will make most budding gamers happy.

Storage and Other Features

A 256GB SSD is mounted inside this laptop. It is certainly no as large as 1 TB HDD storage, but it is faster than HDD. You also have an empty sata drive to fit an extra SSD for storage. The 8GB of RAM is divided into two parts. The first is 4GB modules appearing to be on-board memory, and the second is a replaceable memory stick that allows you to replace it by an 8GB stick to get a total of 12GB RAM. The inputs, a full size Chiclet keyboard is backlit, which makes you easier to type in the dark or dim environment, and an intuitive touchpad that supports multiple gestures. Other good thing is the smart-dual fan cooling system, ASUS Ice Cool technology, and good audio output all of its feature is protected by one-year warranty of accidental damage protection.

Two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader and an HDMI-out port are provided to support the laptop’s connectivity. What is missing from this laptop is the DVD/CD drive. However, it is not quite a big drawback since most laptop manufacturers are omitting it. The wake of operating system and other applications being downloadable directly to the device can be the reason. Therefore, an external DVD/CD ROM can be your option if you need to install applications or games through disks. One recommendation is LG Electronics 8X Ultra-Slim external DVD drive.

RJ-45 port is provided to support the wired internet connection along with the 802.11 A/C Wi-Fi for wireless internet connection. A Bluetooth 4.0 is also provided. The VGA webcam, although it has low quality, is provided in this ASUS K501UX. For the power supply, a 3-cell 48Whrs rechargeable battery is supporting the laptop’s power. This battery is expected to last up to five hours.


This ASUS K501UX which is thin and light is not the only best feature of this laptop. For this entry-level gaming laptop, premium-looking design is backed by a sixth generation Intel Core i7 processor, an 8GB memory, a fast 256 SSD storage and a separated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M graphics card with 2GB RAM. For those performance specification and Windows 10 pre-installed it is considered to have a nice price. This ASUS K501UX is worth to be considered as your choice to fulfill your computing needs.

Getting Close to Best Laptop for Graphic Design

Do you love graphics design or editing video? Do you have the sufficient laptop which has the best performance to support your work? Actually, when it comes to graphic design and editing video, you need to laptop which can enable you to run the sophisticated programs or application. If you are a pro video editor or graphic design, you need to comply your computer device which has the fast processor, powerful performance, high resolution, and high RAM and of course, the accurate display. All of the requirements above should exist in the best laptop for graphic design.

Graphic design is known as a demanding job which mostly relies on sophisticated and demanding software. The kind of software could only be run and installed on the powerful device that is usually a desktop computer device. Nowadays, the graphic cards and powerful processors availability for portable computer device has led to the emergence of powerful laptops which can be found in the market.

Many of the laptops are named gaming laptops which are often used by the people who love gaming, but most of graphic designers or video editor rarely utilize the laptops as they are bulky and overweight. When it comes with the best laptop for video editing and graphic design, the laptops not only should be powerful in the performance but also should be versatile and compact as well.

Therefore, the laptop should deliver the high quality performance and they are lightweight to carry around. While you are finding laptop for graphic design in the market, you will find many types of laptop with various range of price. Here are some of the laptops which can be purchased if you are going to look for the perfect laptop both for graphic design and for video editing.

Acer Aspire V17 Best laptops for graphic design

The first laptop which can be chosen if you wanna buy the new laptop for your graphic design work is Acer Aspire V17. The brand of Acer is popular enough in the industries of laptop manufacturers. The company of Acer have produced and released a lot of laptop for the people. One of the flagship products is this V17 type. This kind of laptop is often called with ‘the beast’ and most of the users agree with the name. This laptop delivers the great productivity, speed, and robust power which are going to be helpful in accomplishing all of your graphic design work.

Acer Aspire V17This best laptop for graphic design is equipped with the quite large display measuring 17 inches and this is also featured with the great processor, Core i7. By its display and processor, it can be grouped as the worth investment for your work. This laptop also fulfills every need which is required by most of the pro graphic designer. By using this laptop, you will turn your work into a happy experience since this can help your work perfectly. One of the important spec which should be exist for the graphic designer is the display and this laptop is equipped with the Full HD IPS display which will give you super-detailed imagery and bright colors from all angles.

This laptop is also known as the extraordinary laptop since this Aspire V17 present the outstanding visual details and the high octane performance. Besides coming with the powerful performance and high quality specs, this laptop also present the stylish design. This laptop is going to be impressive while you are using this laptop at night because there is a red-lighted keyboard that makes the laptop seeming elegant and attractive. At the last, this laptop is highly recommended if you want to buy the laptop which is sufficient for design graphic.

Lenovo Z70 (80FG0037US)

The second laptop which can be categorized as one of the best laptop for video editing and graphic design is Lenovo Z70 (80FG0037US). This laptop is manufactured by the Lenovo Company, one of the reputable companies which produce the electronic devices, including laptop. This kind of laptop is known as the lightweight and portable laptop. This Lenovo laptop also combines the great graphics, discrete NVIDIA and powerful processor, Core i7. The combination of them can release the great performance of laptop which can be considered by the graphic designer or video editor for a purchase.

Lenovo Z70 (80FG0037US)Besides that, this laptop is also equipped with the large display, especially anti-glare display. This kind of display is going to come handy for most of graphic designers because the display enables you to experience the full HD resolution even you use it in the bright sunshine. This type of laptop only comes in one color scheme and it is ebony black. The color of the laptop also makes it more elegant and stylish. It also delivers the pleasant feel. This laptop is also equipped with large storage on the hard drive measuring 100GB. Besides that, this laptop also comes with the stunning graphics, high RAM, large screen, and powerful processor.

Most of graphics designers are also going to take benefit from the durability of the battery. There is an advanced technology of energy saving which is also equipped in this laptop. This durable battery life will be useful for working with the media outside your office. You do not need to plug in the electricity. For the video editor, this is also capable laptop since this laptop is equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce 840M graphics that present the awesome for streaming HD video or watching the movies, and of course, editing video.

Apple MacBook Pro MGXC2LL/A

Apple MacBook Pro MGXC2LL/AThe last laptop which can be chosen if you want to look for the best laptop for graphic design is Apple MacBook Pro MGXC2LL/A. this laptop is known as the high quality laptop. One of the flagship specs is the retina display which can be perfect for graphic design. The retina display presents the stunning and bright screen. Besides that, this Macbook also comes with the powerful performance so you are able to run the sophisticated graphic design software without getting lack of running. The design also comes with the stylish and elegant design.